When I was a child I was so glad I didn’t live in Moscow way over there in Russia where I would have to get permission to do anything, officials could inspect everything and make their own rules and administer injustice at will.  Now that I am an adult, I am so sad to see that Moscow is here.

Mitch Teemly included a Benjamin Franklin quote in a recent post which went something like, “He who is willing to lose freedom to gain security deserves neither.”  And I add, …”and gets neither.”  The saddest thing to me is that eventually none of us get either, no matter what we believe and try to put in practice.

For instance, we don’t own our house.  We actually just pay lots of money so we can listen to officials/bureaucrats tell us exactly what we can and cannot do with it/in it/around it.  The same goes for our pets.

Right now we are having to pay to get rid of raw materials for my metal-and-wood-scrap art in our yard because they are deemed to be a danger to the public, even though they are behind a six foot almost-privacy fence and lots of decorative vegetation, and they have no weapons of mass destruction.  They don’t even raise their voices to anyone!

At the same time, we are paying for our dog’s fourteen day “quarantine” for warning a stranger to stay away from his human grandmother, even though he didn’t break the stranger’s skin.

We would move if we could afford to, but where to?  Everywhere is Moscow!  Moscow is everywhere!

-Marlin Marx



Thank You

To anyone who prayed for my wife, thank you.  She doesn’t have anything seriously wrong with her, she just has an annoyance, like me!    -Marlin Marx


How do you trap a wild animal?  You temp it with something “free” under a hidden cage which you lower at the right moment.

How does socialism work?  Please refer to wild animal trapping instructions.

-Marlin Marx

See? Right there.

We still love each other.  We still say we love each other many times a day.  But now we say it slower, with even more meaning than before.

Before the odd looking little red growth took root on my beloved’s body.  Prayerfully, and therefore hopefully, it’s roots aren’t deep.

She noticed it weeks ago, but her description of it didn’t sound threatening.  Finally she showed it to me.  i wish i had asked to see it the first time she mentioned it.

At this point it could be any number of things, most of them merely annoying.  The soonest we can see a doctor is seven days from now.  Seven long days filled with more prayer, more research, more healthy foods, and even more hugs than…before.

If anyone out there within e-shot of me is a praying person, please do so for her.  Her name is mean..Alisa.  Thank you very, very much.    -Marlin Marx

Giving The Very Best

My loving, trusting, humorous, smart-blonde wife and i are going to exchange presents for my 65th birthday tomorrow.  i know what they are because we have done this before a time or two thousand for other birthdays, holidays, and any celebration we can think of or make up.  They are the second best presents there are next to praying together.  They are so great i can hardly type about them rite nOw withourt tipe-o’s!

Go ahead, guess!  No?  Okay, i will give you some clues.  They don’t need wrapping.  They don’t tick, click, clack, slosh, or glow in the dark.  We have to be happy before we give them or they won’t work.  They are to be cherished and remembered always, but they are free.  They calm us down, excite us, and make us cry at the same time.  We can give them every day and never get tired of them.

Give up???  First, right after she wakes up and sees me waiting, she frees her arms from her blankets and throws them around my neck for several warm and wonderful seconds.  Then, in return, i send all my cares and worries out of town, relax my face, and slowly but steadily lift my whisker laden cheeks into a first class, grade A, bright, beaming smile!  MUCH better than long lines at the store to purchase mere things; and maybe more long lines to return them, no bill juggling to afford them, and last but not least…total customer satisfaction each and every time!

-Marlin Marx



A Funny Thing Happened

A funny thing happened to me on my way to life.  My wiring got crossed a little before I left the womb, and then I got TV and reality crossed a lot.  Mom wanted Dad to take me to a shrink.  Dad said, “I’ll straighten him out.”  Gotta love him, he did his human best.  They both did.  Not their fault.  Confusion and despair, despair and confusion continued; despite a few subsequent shrinks.

Silver lining to my cloud though.  Jesus, pure and simple.  Best shrink ever.  In a class by himself.  Best friend too.  I would be locked up or dead without him.  I have nothing else to brag about except him.  All praise, honor, and glory belong to him.  All my blessings have come through him from his Dad.

I don’t deserve any blessing.  I deserve Hell, but if I go there it most certainly won’t be Jesus’s fault.  He did and does his godly best.

Marlin Marx


Congratulations, Now You Can Die

Isn’t it curious how about the time we learn a thing or two about living, our life is over?  Ah, but, if one of the things we learn is to devour God’s word; and trust, love, and obey him in accordance with it, that’s enough to graduate life with honors.

-Marlin Marx